Emoi Restaurant is a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant owned by 29 year – old Xuan Nguyen who was born and raised in Vietnam. Since 2011, she’s lived in Finland.As a family kitchen concept, Emoi is simple, compact and spontaneous but full of warmth and coziness. Located in a quiet corner but very close to Kamppi station in Helsinki. Emoi’s mission is encouraging people to try vegetarian dishes. Eating vegetarian doesn’t have to mean giving up the pleasures of a fine meal or feeling like you were missing out on life. It’s about leaning into it. It’s about gradually moving away from animal foods and towards plant-based for your health, for animals and the planet.

One step at a time, we make the world a better place together!

  Opening hours
Mon - Thu (ma - to): 11–14.30, 17–20
Fri (perjantai): 11–20
Sat (lauantai): 13–20
Sun (sunnuntai): Closed / Suljettu
Lapinlahdenkatu 21

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