About us

Emoi is a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant owned by 29 year – old Xuan Nguyen who was born and raised in Vietnam. Since 2011, she’s lived in Finland.

Xuan had a bachelor degree in Finance – Banking and business background, but the idea of working in those areas were fulfilling for her. Felt stuck and depressed of not knowing what to do with her life, at the beginning of 2017; Xuan put everything behind and travelled the world.

After half year travelling in Asian countries, Australia, America, Canada and European countries, Xuan realized that Finland with its welfare system and super supportive environment for startups, was actually the place she wanted to build her career and settle down.

Having passion about food and healthy lifestyle, together with the new mindset of seeing challenges as a way of making life meaningful, 25th October 2017 Xuan finally had enough courage to register her own business, and Emoi was launched.

As a family kitchen concept, Emoi is simple, compact and spontaneous but full of warmth and coziness. Located in a quiet corner but very close to Kamppi station.

Emoi’s mission is encouraging people to try vegetarian dishes. Eating vegetarian doesn’t have to mean giving up the pleasures of a fine meal or feeling like you were missing out on life. It’s about leaning into it. It’s about gradually moving away from animal foods and towards plant-based for your health, for animals and the planet.

One step at a time, we make the world a better place together!