Emoi's story

Posted by xuan on 11/03/2018

Category: Food, Milestone

Emoi is a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant owned by 29 year – old Xuan Nguyen who was born and raised in Vietnam. Since 2011, she’s lived in Finland.

As a family kitchen concept, Emoi is simple, compact and spontaneous but full of warmth and coziness. Located in a quiet corner but very close to Kamppi station.Emoi’s mission is encouraging people to try vegetarian dishes. Eating vegetarian doesn’t have to mean giving up the pleasures of a fine meal or feeling like you were missing out on life. It’s about leaning into it. It’s about gradually moving away from animal foods and towards plant-based for your health, for animals and the planet.

One step at a time, we make the world a better place together!

Emoi’s best sale since lauched

Posted by xuan on 07/03/2018

Category: Milestone

Lauantaina 10.2.2018 oli Emoin paras myynti tähän mennessä! Ravintola oli täynnä kuudesta aina sulkemisaikaan saakka, ja mikä tärkeintä, kaikki näyttivät viihtyvän hyvin. Haluaisin vielä kiittää kaikkia teitä, jotka olette käyneet Emoissa, sillä on ollut suuri merkitys minulle ja uudelle ravintolalle!

Last Saturday, another milestone of Emoi’s journey. These baby steps will be embraced as little things do matter